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Original Soundtracks

Note : les dates de sorties sont les premières, tous les albums ont été réédités en 1999.


Mobile Suit V-Gundam Score I

  • KICA-153 (King Records)
  • Date de sortie : 07-07-1993
  1. Stand up to the victory (Kawazoe Tomohisa)
  2. The woods of fatherland
  3. Uso Evin
  4. Act of war
  5. The white ghost
  6. Wind blows
  7. Shakti
  8. Silence
  9. Trembling lives
  10. V-Gundam
  11. Young boy
  12. Pulsation
  13. Fields of flowers
  14. Winners forever (INFIX)


Mobile Suit V-Gundam Score II

  • KICA-165 (King Records)
  • Date de sortie : 17-11-1993
  1. Awakening souls
  2. Fairies existing during the sleep
  3. Itsuka mata umareta toki no tame ni
  4. A spring feast in summer (KARAK)
  5. Breathing in the purple knight
  6. Let me spread my wings
  7. Afterwards
  8. The letter received that night (or late at night ?)
  9. Ordered to advance wearing a blood-soaked Obi
  10. those who failed to become an echo
  11. Illusion of the forecasting harvest
  12. Slipping wodn sheet
  13. Spores will fly
  14. Adrenalin high
  15. Don't sleep... Here comes the messengers of dementia
  16. Dreaming bud
  17. Opening the gates
  18. Waves disrupting the lake surface
  19. Spirit of earth leaving for space
  20. The afternoon after the sleepless night fair
  21. Hinageshi no Tabi no mukou ni (Komine Koko)


Mobile-Suit V-Gundam Score III

  • KICA-153 (King Records)
  • Date de sortie : 16-06-1994
  1. Crawling in the heavy amosphere
  2. Wanna laugh when crying
  3. Don't stop ! Carry on ! (RD)
  4. When I will reach the skies
  5. Mou Ichido Tenderness (KIX-S)
  6. Marbett's tea
  7. Whereabouts of the missing keys
  8. The frozen spear
  9. Umaretekuru mono e (Iwasaki)
  10. My the botom of the dress touch the floor
  11. Children's trot
  12. Dancind music carried away by the wind
  13. Hinageshi no tabi no mukou ni (Kuroda Yumi)
  14. Aphrodite's footsteps
  15. the whispers of the trees
  16. Hawk wheeling in the sky
  17. The ladybird in the camellia
  18. Sleep of the Holly spirits
  19. Ikutsumono wo kasanete (Iwasaki Motoyoshi)
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